Nightguards and Mouthguards

Many people clench and grind their teeth while sleeping (a habit called bruxism), which over time, can erode the enamel on your natural teeth and potentially crack or break your teeth, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, or other restorations. Most people don't even realize they're doing this in their sleep, but it's most commonly caused by stress and tension, or malocclusion (misalignment of teeth when the jaws are closed). But Pheasant Ridge Dental can properly fit you for a night guard that can eliminate these issues.

We create thin, comfortable, custom-fitted night guards that is contoured to your individual mouth and teeth, and thus won’t irritate your gums or palate. This is important because we want it to be so comfortable that you want to use it every night without hesitation. These hardly noticeable form-fitted, night guards are made of crystal-clear, hard acrylic material. Some people attempt to buy a one-size-fits-all, boil-and-fit guard from the nearest drugstore, but they are often bulky, uncomfortable pieces of plastic in your mouth. And, since the nature of these products is soft, they could even worsen symptoms in people who suffer from TMJ.


Similarly, our doctors can create a special mouth protector for any adult or child involved in a recreational activity that poses a risk of injury to the mouth. Like nightguards, it's important to wear a protector that will provide comfort and proper fit. Our custom-made mouthguards are individually designed and constructed in the dental office or according to our doctor’s specifications in a professional dental laboratory.

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