Cavity Fillings

Cavity Filling

A cavity is the remaining hole left behind after decay destroys part of a tooth. When you have a cavity, the hole still contains the bacteria that created it. If untreated, these holes can become larger over time, so it is important to have your teeth regularly checked for any signs decay. Catching cavities early on can save you from more costly or invasive procedures later.

Pheasant Ridge Dental will inspect your teeth for cavities, using a combination of expertise and technology. Should we find a cavity, we repair it with a "filling", which restores a tooth that has been damaged by decay back to its normal function. Cavity fillings start with removing the decayed parts of the tooth, cleaning the area, then fill the cavity with a material such as composite or porcelain.

Prior to filling procedures, the dentist will numb the decayed tooth or teeth to be treated using a local anesthetic that is injected into the area. The anesthetic also numbs gums and jaw around the teeth. The dentist then cleans away the decay inside the cavity, typically with a drill, before filling it in.

If you think you might have a cavity, visit is right away. When tooth decay destroys part of a tooth, the resulting cavity could expose inner nerves, compromise the tooth’s structural integrity, or become further infected. Getting the cavity filled will also reinforce the tooth to keep it from chipping, cracking, or breaking from trauma. Without a filling, even minor cavities could seriously compromise the health and function of your teeth.

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