Teeth Whitening: How Much is Too Much?

Your smile is a valuable asset, it can pull people closer or push them away. Having sparkling white teeth has become increasingly necessary during the digital age where every moment seems to be a photo opportunity. Your smile should sparkle bright and look healthy. Simple teeth whitening can help you achieve the Hollywood smile of your dreams. However, it is essential not to overdo your whitening and damage your teeth. Many people are whitening at home and causing what some medical professionals are calling "bleachorexia." Don't follow into the trappings of bleachorexia always searching for a brighter smile, know how much is too much.

Teeth whitening access has become simplistic which has allowed more and more people to whiten from the convenience of their own home. However, teeth whitening is such a particular process and every tooth, as well as desired whiteness, is distinctive. It is crucial that you begin the teeth whitening method with the dentist before starting to use over-the-counter products. Once you and the dentist have achieved the desired color, then it is essential to now the next steps for maintenance.

During the maintenance stage of your teeth whitening journey, a visit to the dentist should only be required yearly. Most maintain their white smile by touching up with over-the-counter products. How often you use these products will be based on the types of food and drink you digest as well as how white you want your teeth to be. People who drink coffee or other dark drinks may need touch-ups more regularly.
Some over-the-counter teeth whitening products can be used daily for up to two consecutive weeks. However, the warning signs that indicate too whitening much should be noted. When teeth become overly sensitive to cold, then it might be time to take a break to seek a dentist help. Further immediate signs of damage are if you have inflamed or bleeding gums. Occasionally, teeth can look blue or see-through along the edge from too much whitening. Be safe and talk to your dentist about what products to use and how often you should use them.

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