Does dental insurance make dentistry more affordable?

Dental Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Dental insurance (learn more about general dentistry) is commonly a supplemental coverage over your general medical health insurance. Dental insurance is similar to medical health insurance in that there is a premium to be paid for the policy, cost-sharing, and specifics in regards to benefits and coverage. Generally, dental insurance covers a portion of the cost associated with dental care. Depending on the situation, dental insurance may cover dental emergencies and orthodontia as well. If you are considering dental insurance, you may have a couple of questions on your mind (give us a call with specific questions). Today, we will discuss those questions that may arise in regards to dental insurance.


Usually, the first question that comes to mind is, "do I really need dental insurance?" Generally, the answer to this question is, yes. Although you may not realize it, dental care is as important as taking care of your body. After all, your mouth is part of your body. Keeping our mouth healthy starts with routine preventive and diagnostic care. Routine care involves regular checkups and cleanings. Preventive care normally consists of oral exams, dental cleaning, and x-rays. It can aid in identifying and halting any dental problems that may arise in the future.


The next question that normally comes to mind is, "is it worth getting dental insurance even if I don't visit the dentist often?" As previously mentioned, dental maintenance is important to live a healthy life. So if the question about value comes to mind, yes it is worth getting. For instance, you've always been so busy that you never really have time to think about dental care. One day, you feel a slight aching pain in your mouth. You ignore it. A few days later, you can hardly chew your food because of the pain. When you do finally visit your dentist, you find out that you have a condition that could easily have been prevented had you had regular routine visits to your dentist. In this circumstance, having dental insurance will save you money and prove to be invaluable, especially if the condition is at its worst. To keep cost sharing down, preventive dental care is routine and is normally fully covered by your dental health insurance policy.

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