About Denture Repairs

Dental problems can be fixed in several ways one of them being with the use of dentures. Dentures are usually devices that are used to replace missing teeth. They are not as tough as dental implants or natural teeth, but they are cost-effective. Dentures are usually inserted and removed as one pleases. When you receive dentures at first, they may be uncomfortable and take time to get used to. The beauty of dentures is that they pass off as natural teeth and can last long if one takes care of them properly. However, because they are not as durable as natural teeth, they are also bound to fracture. Most dentists recommend using dentures for four years before getting a replacement for them.

Dentures can break if they are dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Biting hard items can also cause dentures to fracture. The longer dentures are used, the more wear and tear they developed causing misalignment. Using dentures that are spoiled can lead to other dental problems such as sore gums, infected gums, and misaligned biting. Dentures need to be repaired immediately to avoid dental problems in the future. Visit your dentist if your denture is fractured to have it inspected and repaired. Your dentist is responsible for ensuring your dentures are working properly, but you are also responsible for taking care of them.

Your dentist is supposed to inform you of how you can maintain dentures to ensure they last longer. In cases where the dentures become loose because of shrinkage in the jawbone volume, they need to be aligned. This is a type of denture repair that needs to be done by a physician. The physician will reline the denture to fit your teeth perfectly. This can be done at the dentist's office. However, if the denture has far much damage, it will be taken to the dentist's lab for repair. In the dentist's lab, changes can be made to the denture to ensure they function and do not keep falling off. The material used to make dentures is acrylic which can easily be replaced and when it breaks. Therefore, each time your denture gets fractured you do not have to get a replacement.

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